I’m super excited to launch Stacks Accelerator on CoinDesk.

We’re investing $50k on uncapped notes (the most generous investment terms possible) and providing an incredible three month mentorship program for outstanding startup teams who are building on Bitcoin with Stacks.

For those building innovative Web 3.0 startups in DeFi, NFTs, or other blockchain focused projects, this essay is meant as a primer to explain to you the Stacks blockchain and technology stack.

Before proceeding, read the Stacks 2.0 Whitepaper written by Stacks Co-Founder Dr. Muneeb Ali. …

Stacks Accelerator invests in outstanding startup teams building on Bitcoin with Stacks. We provide $50k in funding and a 3-month mentorship program featuring some of the top experts in the industry. Our focus is on Web 3.0 and crypto startups in areas like DeFi, NFTs, and anything related to blockchain.

Applications for our first cohort finished and we had hundreds of high potential entrepreneurs apply. We accepted more than three times the number of promising startups that I would have considered a success for the first program, given the tight timeline and ramp up we did for this program.


This is a great article, do you do workshops for startups or would you consider it? Hit me up, I'm @TO on Twitter.

We fucked up. We ran out of money. We laid everyone off.

With nothing left, we kept going.

Fighting our shame, burnout, depression, loneliness, doubts, and constant anxiety about paying for next month’s food and rent, we made some progress.

We did it alone, so it took us a few years — but today, we finally launched the first CORE part of Javelin. The platform is live with the first set of incredibly powerful tools to help entrepreneurs validate startup ideas.

I want to take this opportunity to share with you our story, mistakes, and lessons learned. …

Great Esports organizations (players, coaches, & analysts) are built on top of great talent and culture. Whereas the best players can be identified by their competitive track record in the game and in tournaments, great analysts are harder to identify.

The top 5–10% of analysts will already be known through their participation in the competitive scene and community through activities like making videos and blogging, there are many talented individuals who are not only undiscovered, but also need some level of grooming to reach their full potential. …

Honor of Kings is now the most successful mobile game in the world.

The 5v5 mobile MOBA, has 55 million people playing it every day and the game is expected to bring in $3.5B in revenue this year.

But how did this happen and what does it mean for Vainglory?

China’s Gaming Market Is Bigger Than Rest Of The World

The first thing you have to understand, is that Honor of Kings is focused exclusively on the Chinese market (with plans to expand to EU and US end of this year). …

A Horror Story from the Beverage Industry

“Intrapreneurship” as they call it, is an oxymoron. You see, the more entrepreneurial you are as an employee, and the bigger you dream, the more likely you are to get shut-down.

I would know, because not so long ago I was tasked on a breakthrough innovation project to save a $50 Billion global brewer from its contracting and increasingly regulated market.

From the beginning we identified a broad & untapped opportunity that we had the technical capability to succeed in. We found a space bigger than the market our company already played in and one where all potential sales were…

As Bitcoin’s reached mass market awareness, a debate has errupted as to whether Bitcoin is a bubble or a world-changing technology. Some people say the exchange price is a bubble but the protocol isn’t. Or that Bitcoin’s a bubble but crypto-currencies are not. I don’t buy into any of these nuances and argue that given all of the information we have today, Bitcoin is on the right path to change the world as we know it.

1. Any Successful Digital Currency Will Look Like a Bubble

The growth in price of Bitcoin seems alarming when you compare it to any asset class, except for successful startups. A new digital currency…

The Better Alternative to Skunkworks, Intrapreneur Programs, and Innovation Labs

Disclosure: Techstars is an investor in my company, Javelin. My arguments below focus on the mechanics of their corporate innovation program.

There are three primary innovation structures used in corporations today: skunk works, intrapreneur programs, and innovation labs. History has shown that none of them work for disruptive, new product development. Luckily, new structures are emerging and starting to show success. Let’s talk about one such example.

In November 2011, Techstars partnered with Microsoft to run the first Techstars Corporate Accelerator, and created a structure that’s proven to be a model for early-stage innovation success.

Techstars and Microsoft chose eleven…

Trevor Owens

Managing Partner at Stacks Accelerator

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