Crash Punks Post Mortem


  1. Crash Punks v2 contract should be ready in a few days and will then be fully audited
  2. Expect 1–2 weeks for the official reveal (Dec 18–24), we will keep you in the loop
  3. We are continuing to go through all the tech support tickets
  4. After the reveal, the Treasure Hunt and all the giveaways will be completed
  5. We have been contacted by lot’s of members who accidentally minted more than their allocation and offered to sell them back to us, thank you all
  6. New Crash Punks website launching soon
  7. Q&A with Neal Stephenson will be scheduled soon
  8. ~1,200 individuals minted 4697 Crash Punks (1024 minted for the DAO)

Summary of the issues that happened over the past couple of days

Red = minted extra using the bug, Green = DAO wallet or bought on secondary



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Trevor Owens

Trevor Owens

Managing Partner at Stacks Accelerator