Stacks (STX) Network Analysis: Build Your Web 3.0 Startup on Bitcoin

The Python Paradox

The Python Paradox can be explained by the different wants of Experienced vs Inexperienced Developers

Stacks Team

The team behind Stacks is top-notch

Stacks Technology

Comparison of different blockchain consensus mechanisms

Beware of TPS Vanity Metrics

A single hash in a Bitcoin block can contain millions of smart contracts through Stacks app chains


Environmental Impact

Stacks gets it’s power from Bitcoin, and stacking Stacks earns a Bitcoin yield

Magical Powers of PoX: Bitcoin State and Monetization from Stacking

Stacks empowers Web 3.0 startups to utilize the security and network of Bitcoin

Clarity: Better Developer and End User Experience

Unlike Solidity, anyone can read Clarity smart contracts on the blockchain and know exactly what they will do.

Ecosystem & Traction

Mentors and Speakers for the Stacks Accelerator
Stacks Accelerator’s first cohort of 25 investments building on Bitcoin w/ Stacks


Next Steps: Stacks Accelerator



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Trevor Owens

Trevor Owens

Managing Partner at Stacks Accelerator